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Pilsennial name 1.png

What's the story of this beer?

Brewed by SMaSHing two local ingredients together, Island Malt House's (PEI) Pilsen malt and Bloomfield Hops Farm's (NB) Centennial hops. Along with some water and yeast (obviously) to get this SMaSHing good beer, we think it's a SMaSH!

Where's it get it's name?

Similar to the story of how this beer came to be we decided to SMaSH two names together to get one SMaSHing good name.  See you take Pilsen and SMaSH Centennial into it and what do you get?  Pilsennial!

Who's the Character?

Pilsennial is like, THE dude when it comes to IPA's. In-between going to class to get his Film Studies degree and working part-time at the second-hand record store, Pilsennial drinks IPA's - and only IPA's - because he loves being punched by all those hops right out of the glass.  It's like so, good!

Yeah but what's it taste like?

A crisp straw colored beer that has a bit of a malt sweetness on the front and finishes off with strong notes of citrus and floral to tickle your taste buds. We think this beer is a SMaSH! and if you're not careful you may get SMaSHed!








Mix Tape Series: Available on and off all year

Where to find it?

Out and about: Draft • 355ml can (not at ANBL)

Delivery: Growler/Grunter • 355ml can

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