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About us

Brewing beer for the misfits, outcasts and freaks. AKA the innovators, creators and revolutionaries


This whole thing started because we were bored.


So we took up a hobby.


A hobby that resulted in countless hours spent researching and trying new brewing techniques, more varieties of buckets and pots than any normal household, and the near-destruction of a few stove-tops when the wort spilled over (which mildly irritated Alicia.)


And also gallons and gallons of delicious beer (which absolutely delighted Alicia.)


Fast-forward several years, after a Very Long Drive from Moncton, New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario, we were both chasing the buck for retail companies and needed a distraction from the hustle and bustle of the big T.O.


Of course, beer is Nature’s Perfect Distraction.


So the hobby quickly became a passion. But it wasn’t until Nick accepted a GTA Homebrewer’s Association Award for the first beer contest he’d ever entered that we started thinking the passion could become something more.


Eventually, the call of the East Coast brought us back home, to Douglas, New Brunswick (okay, technically it’s just barely within Fredericton city limits, but we’ll fight anyone who calls us townies) and after life decided to throw Nick a curve-ball, we suddenly found ourselves faced with a choice: should Nick pursue his passion full-time or keep slinging skateboards on the sales floor?


We chose beer. Obviously. Who wouldn’t choose beer?


And so, 3Flip Brewing was born.




Beer fest's, tastings, get together's, check out below where you can find us out and about!

No upcoming events at the moment

Contact us!


Send us a message with your questions, comments, love letters, invites to hang out, or just plain hate mail, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Chat soon!

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