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What's the story of this beer?

This is the one that started it all for us way back in 2013. The first all grain homebrew we designed ourselves that hooked us for life.  A Bronze medal winner in 2016 at the GTA homebrew competition and a bunch of tweaks leads us to this beer in its current form.  A malt forward deep ruby red traditional Irish Red which we will probably continue to tweak and adjust until the end of time.

Where's it get it's name?

You know those nights you'll never forget - when its a quarter after two and you argue that it's nine? Show your honour and your pride. Get screeched-in and kiss a cod or whatever. This beer is a toast to Paddy Murphy, or should we say it was a sin and shame the night Pat Murphy died

Yeah but what's it taste like?

A traditional fully bodied Irish Red that has a sweet malt-forward backbone with a hints of caramel, deep ruby red in color and low on bitterness for a nice finish. Easy drinking and great for every occasion!


Milk Stout






Mix Tape Series: Available on and off all year

Where to find it?

Out and about: Draft • 355ml can (not at ANBL)

Delivery: Growler/Grunter • 355ml can

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