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Pale Ale





What's the story of this beer?

Our dogs name is Citra (yes named after the hop) and she's been with us since the beginning of this brewery journey so it was only fitting to brew a beer in honor of her!  It obviously had to be a single hop style using citra, what better style than a west coast inspired pale ale to compliment and show all off the amazing sweet and tropical flavours and aromas that this hop has within it.  

Where's it get it's name?

We consider our 4 legged best friend to be one of the goodest and best girl doggo we know, and were always telling her she's just The Goodest Girl (in that squeeky talk to your dog voice).  That was it EASY the beer shall be forever called The Goodest Girl

Who's the Character?

It's Citra obviously!  Why would we put another dog on a beer brewed to honour our doggo Citra?  But to answer the real question, what came first the dog or the hop?  in this case it was the hop, since the first citra plant was created 30+ years ago and our doggo Citra is only 4. 

Yeah but what's it taste like?

A combination of a west coast pale ale with crystal malt to add to that sweet caramel malt flavor and a juicy east coast pale ale with citra pushing out that amazing tropical and fruity vibes its known for.  A well balanced easy drinking pale ale that just rolls over your tatebuds and sits pretty on the finish.

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