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Milk Stout





What's the story of this beer?

Sassy Cow started as an idea from a friend (thanks Peterson!) during our homebrew days where we developed the recipe.  Brewed commercially for the first time for our first beer fest - Fredericton Craft Beer Fest 2019 - as a one off but the reception was great and Sassy Cow quickly got added into our core lineup shortly after launch.

Where's it get it's name?

What makes a milk stout a milk stout? Well lactose powder of course!  Where does lactose? From milk of duh!  Where does milk come from? A cow, that's right! Now what's one of the main ingredients in root beer? Sassafras obviously! So what do you get when you mix sassafras with cow?  A Sassy Cow!!  Well technically Sassafras Cow but that didn't sound as cool.

Who's the Character?

Meet Cowyoncé she's the new Queen B...ovine in town, so Moo-ve over, Yoncé! She's fierce-ly sasha-ying onto the NB craft beer stage. And Heads up, fellas - she's a single lady. 

Yeah but what's it taste like?

A smooth and sweet flavor profile defines the base of this beer with hints of chocolate and coffee that finishes off with just a hint of one of your favorite childhood drinks, Root Beer.

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